Linux Mint

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Nov 30, 2013

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Latest release is Linux Mint 16, with MATE and Cinnamon desktop environments.


It's hard not to repeat what

It's hard not to repeat what has gone before, but it is one of the best OS out there. I have been a tech for more years than I care to remember and this worked right out of the box and I tested it on many different machines and it worked every time. I really like the variations that can be used especially the LXDE version and I echo one comment - my laptop which was rubbish under vista works like a dream. I strongly encourage users to put this on their pc and discover for themselves how well it works.

I agree with above comments.

I agree with above comments. I love Linux Mint. It never disappointed me. I like to funshop new operating systems but still using my stable friend Linux Mint as primary OS. Since Linux Mint I completely stopped cursing while using the computer.

I am using Linux Mint xfce on

I am using Linux Mint xfce on what was a useless Celeron laptop...the combination of a nimble user interface and a well-structured, easy to maintain Linux infrastructure is outstanding. The laptop now runs as well as my Core2Duo MacBook!

One of the best Ubuntu

One of the best Ubuntu derivatives that has forked a community of its own. It has several live CDs including OEM version. It has a pretty graphic front and almost everything a laptop or a desktop needs.